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Minuteman E1000RM2U EnterprisePlus UPS 1000VA 2U

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Minuteman E1000RM2U EnterprisePlus UPS 1000VA 2U MM-E1000RM2U

  • EnterprisePlus UPS 1000VA 2URack
  • Minuteman EnterprisePlus line interactive uninterruptible power supply
  • 1000VA 2U rack, wall, tower UPS
  • Combines line interactive technology with industry-leading features in a versatile case design that allows the units to be installed in many different formats and environments
  • 0.8 power factor - increases the capacity of the unit without migrating to larger models (0.88 power factor for 2000VA and 0.853 power factor for 3000VA)
  • Load shedding - extends the time of critical applicationswithout adding external battery packs by removingpower to non-essential devices connected to the same UPS
  • Independent battery bypass allows theUPS to provide voltage regulation with surge and spike protection on the utility AC power even whenbatteries are weak or dead
  • Virtually unlimited extended runtime for critical applications - virtually an unlimited number of battery packs can beconnected to the EnterprisePlus UPS for extendingrun times
  • Flexibility in installation - floor-standing tower and 19-inch rackmount hardware isincluded. Optional installation kits are aVAilable for 23-inch racks/cabinet and wallmount installation.
  • Small form factor - 3.5-inch (2U) rack/tower case style
  • Independent battery pack chargers - reduces battery recharge times
  • Simultaneous DB-9, USB and SNMP communications
  • MinutemanĀ® SentryPlus UPS monitoring and control software included
  • Easy to read front panel display- with load/battery meter
  • Industry high product protection - with 3-year non-prorated manufacturer's warranty (including batteries)
  • Dedicated remote Emergency Power Off (EPO) port
  • RoHScompliant
  • Protects your your investment - connected equipment is covered with $100,000 Minuteman Platinum Protection PlanĀ® (U.S. and Canada only)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): THD is thedistortion of a normal AC electrical signal commonly causes UPS when connected loads near the capacity of the units. This distortion can cause internal heat to build up on sensitive equipment not designed to allow for these altered AC signals. The EnterprisePlus UPS maintains an output AC signal, at all times and with linear loads, within 2% of a true sine wave.
  • Manual and automatic self-testing
  • Fast battery recharge: with independent chargers in each battery pack offered for the EnterprisePlus UPS Series, the maximum recharge time fordepleted batteries is 8 hours, no matter how manybattery packs are installed on a UPS. Without these chargers, battery charging could take more thanan entire day if more than one battery pack is used.
  • Hot-swappable batteries

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