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Using your Partner Telephone

How do I do Last Number Redial?
Press Feature and Dial 05. To program a button to function as a Last Number Redial – press FEATURE 00 – Touch button – Press FEATURE 05 – Press FEATURE 00 to exit programming
How to set the time on a Partner 18D telephone?
Use these intructions to set the time that appears on display telephones. Enter the time in 24-hour notation. In this scheme, the hours of the day are 0000 (12 midnight) to 2359 (11:59 p.m.). Since each time must have four digits, use leading zeros when necessary. The time appears on system display phones as a.m. or p.m. (not in 24-hour notation).

To change the System Time:

  1. Press FEATURE 00 at extension 10 or 11
  2. Press LEFT INTERCOM twice
  3. Press #103
  4. Enter a new time in 24-hour notation. For example, to set the time to 3:15 p.m., press 1515.
  5. Press FEATURE 00 to exit programming mode.
What are the Partner telephone programming feature codes?
See our Partner ACS telephone programming cheat sheet.

Partner Voice Messaging

How do I change the voice mail system greeting?

Change Day Greeting on Partner Messaging

Dial intercom 777
Enter 0 #
Enter  Password #
Press 9 to get into System Administration mode
Press 3 for Automated Attendant administration
Press 1 Automated Attendant 1
Press 1 for day menu or 2 for night menu
Press 6 to modify menu
Press * #  (to by-pass Selector Code changes)
Press 1 to record your new greeting
Record new greeting when done Press 1 to stop recording.
Press * # to save the change

Use these instructions if you have a Partner PVM PC 4 or 12 mailbox card

Change Day Greeting on PVM Messaging Card

Dial intercom 777
Enter 0#
Enter Password#
Press 3 for Automated Attendant Prompt
Press 1 to record
Press 1 when done
How do I check my voice mailbox remotely?
Call into your system and when the voice mail greeting starts to play, press *7 and the voice mail will prompt you for your mailbox and password.
How do I access the voice mail system to get my messages?
Dial intercom 777. The voice mail will prompt you for your mailbox (your extension) and password.

To program a button to access voice mail use the following instructions:

  1. Press FEATURE 0 0
  2. Touch an available button
  3. Press Left Intercom
  4. Dial 777
  5. Press FEATURE 00 to exit programming
The message light is on for extension 10 but when I check the mailbox there is no messages. How do I get the light off?
This usually happens when the a general mailbox is assigned to 10. Log in to box 9991 (9992,9993,9994 are also available general mailboxes) and delete any messages found after listening. The message light should turn off. If message light is still on dial FEATURE 10 and the extension (i.e. 10) and this will manually turn off the light.

Partner ACS Programming

What are the Partner ACS programming codes?
Use this link for a list of Partner ACS programming codes. Partner ACS Cheat Sheet
How do I make my phone ring on incoming calls?

When programming a specific extension to ring you can specify Immediate Ring, Delayed Ring (telephone rings after a 20-second delay), or No Ring.

Delayed Ring is useful for backup coverage on shared lines, such as for secretaries who cover each otherâ??s lines. No Ring is useful for all extensions except 10 when an operator answers all calls, or for telephones with no regular users, such as those in conference rooms.

To change the way outside lines ring at an extension:

1. Press Feature 00 at extension 10 or 11.

2. Press left intercom button twice

3. Press right intercom button once. You should now be in centralized telephone programming.

4. Enter the number of the extension to be programmed for Line Ringing. The green lights next to the line or pool buttons show the current Line Ringing settings for all lines or pools assigned to the extension. (If a line is not assigned to a button, the green light next to that button is off.)

The following ringing options can be shown by the green light next to each line.

  • ImmediateRing onsteady
  • DelayedRing flashesslowly
  • No Ring flutters quickly

5. Press the line or pool button until the button light shows the correct setting (the setting for the currently selected line or pool also appears on the display).

4. Press the right intercom button and enter a new extension to continue programming another extension, or press FEATURE 0 0 to exit programming mode.

How do I determine which Partner ACS version I have?

Press FEATURE 59 at any display telephone and the display will show the software version of your Partner ACS

Can I forward calls to my cell phone with the Partner ACS?

The Partner ACS Release 6 or greater allows for the forwarding of calls to your cell phone. Detailed instructions can be found here: Forwarding Calls to your Cell Phone on the Avaya Partner ACS Phone System


Extension 10 has the following on the display "ChgBat W/PowerOn or ReplaceSysBat W/Power On". What do I do?
The processor module uses two user-replaceable AAA alkaline batteries. These batteries provide enough power to retain the system programming settings during a power failure for 45 days to six months, depending on the freshness of the batteries.

When battery power is getting low, the system displays a ChgBat W/PowerOn or ReplaceSysBat W/Power On message on the top line of display telephones at extensions 10 and 11 in place of the default day/date/time message. You should replace the batteries within 45 days of seeing the message.

When the phone rings I'm not connected to the call when I lift my handset.
Although you are hearing the incoming ring, this is an indication that your extension is not actually programmed to ring on an incoming phone call. Auto ringing line preference only works when your phone is programmed to ring. See “How do I make my phone ring on incoming calls?” in our programming section.