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Bogen ZPM-3 3 Zone Paging Module

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Bogen ZPM-3 3 Zone Paging Module BG-ZPM-3

  • Bogen telephone-compatible zone paging module with all-call and talk back capabilities serving up to three one- or two-way paging zones.
  • Can also be used in a paging system independent of a telephone system.
  • Works with self-amplified or central-amplified paging systems.
  • A background music source can be connected directly to the ZPM3, or to a separate amplifier that can be used to supply background music to all unpaged zones.
  • Built-in DIP switches are used to select the field-programming mode, enable/disable the pre-announce and confirmation tones, and set the paging mode (one-way or talk back) of each zone.
  • Field-programming is used to assign individual zones to the paging zone groups, night ringer zone group, and shift change/emergency-call zone group; field-programming is also used to enable/disable the privacy beep for two-way zones, select the shift change/emergency-call tone, and inhibit all-call operation.
  • A control is included to adjust the volume of the preannounce, confirmation, and shift change/emergency-call tones; separate controls are provided to adjust the night ringer tone and background music volume. All volume controls are screwdriver-adjustable.- 3 Zone paging plus All-Call.
  • 3 Field-programmable paging zone groups (1-3 zones in each).
  • One-way and two-way paging (talk back operation requires TBA15 Talk Back amplifier).
  • Direct connection to page ports (requires contact closures), loop-start and ground start trunks.
  • Connection to an analog station line (station port) possible when used with a suitable telephone access module, i.e., Bogen model TAMB.
  • 100W total power handling capacity.
  • Background music input.
  • DIP switches select zone type (one way or talk back), talk battery (24V/48V), and tone options.
  • Built-in night ringer in all zones or groups of three user-selected zones.
  • Shift change or emergency-call (with alert tone) in all zones or groups of three user-selected zones.
  • Programmable All-Call inhibits and privacy beep for talkback zones.
  • Built-in punch block (type 66) speeds installation.
  • Separate volume controls for tones, night ring, and background music.
  • Works with self-amplified or central amplifier paging systems.
  • Optional battery backup.
  • 24V power supply required Bogen model PRSLSI power supply recommended.
  • Terminals provided for connection to an additional 48V power supply when 48V talk battery operation required (Bogen model PRS48 power supply recommended).
  • Includes flanges with keyhole slots for wall-mounting.
  • Ringer equivalence: 1.2B.
  • Operating current (max.): 350 mA.
  • Audio power capability: 100W (70V AC or 25V AC).
  • DTMF tones: signal level: 25 dBm; twist limit - 10 dB; tone duration (min.) - 40 ms; interdigit pause - 40 ms.
  • Zone selection: dial pulse speed: 8 to 20 ppm; percent break - 52% to 64%.
  • Environmental: Operating temperature - 0° to 125°F.
  • Product dimensions (overall): 9" W x 7-1/4" H x 1-3/8" D (includes wall-mounting flange).
  • BGZPM3.

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