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Bogen TAMB2 Telephone Access Module

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Bogen TAMB2 Telephone Access Module

  • Loop start, ground start, and station port (90V ring up) compatibility.
  • 600-ohm output.
  • Pre-announce and confirmation tones (defeatable).
  • Adjustable tone volume.
  • Works with paging only and two-way (talkback) systems.
  • Background music input with volume control.
  • Suppresses background music during paging.
  • Station access disconnect is dynamically controlled using a combination disconnect timer, and VOX disconnect timer or Calling Party Control (CPC) signal detection.
  • Station port maximum page times from 1- 200 seconds.
  • Disconnect VOX timer is adjustable from 1 to 11 seconds of silence.
  • VOX and default timers are independently inhibitable.
  • Calling Party Control (CPC) signal from switch immediately disconnects station port.
  • 24V Talk Battery.
  • 1 Rack space unit height.
  • Flexible Mounting Configuration: wall, single-unit rack, and dual side-by-side rack mount.
  • Easily accessible controls and switches.
  • Trunk Timer feature helps prevent system blockage.
  • 24V power supply required for all modes of operation (150mA min. capacity).
  • 1 C-Form (N.O. and N.C.) contact pair available for operating external equipment.
  • Pluggable terminal strip connectors.
  • FCC Part 68 registered; ETL Listed.
  • BGTAMB2.

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