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Partner Mail VS R5

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Partner Mail VS R5 6108-542

The Partner VS R5 allows for easy installation by simply plugging into the Partner Communications Systems backplane and following a guided Touch-Tone menu for administration. In addition to providing voice mail, PMVS provides an Automated Attendant that answers your calls 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

PMVS R5.0 provides the following features among others:
Up to 48 mailboxes for private access by 48 employees
Up to 100 hours of recording time, with flexible message length and flexible mailbox size
Up to 4 Automated Attendants for different departments, each with its own day/night business schedule
Cascaded outcalling for up to 5 numbers to pager, cellular and home telephones
Live call screening with Partner ACS R3 or greater
Personal operator
CENTREX transfer for the Automated Attendant