Partner 34D Telephone – Series 2

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Partner 34D Telephone - Series 2 700340227

Backlit Display
Partner telephones are equipped with backlit displays for enhanced viewing. The display can be adjusted for optimal viewing angle, and information can be displayed in English, French, or Spanish. The display has 4 different levels of contrast to suit your viewing preference.
Programmable Feature Buttons
The Partner 34D has 4 buttons that can be preprogrammed for specific lines, extensions, or features
Fixed Intercom Buttons
The Partner 34D is equipped with 2 fixed intercom buttons for streamlined internal communications
Fixed Hold, Conference, and Transfer Buttons
The Partner 34D has dedicated buttons for these commonly used features which enhance usability and call handling by reducing the need for function codes
Volume Control Buttons
The volume control buttons allow 14 steps of volume adjustment for ringer, handset, and speakerphone
The speakerphone allows handsfree communication of your calls
Intercom (HFAI)
Hands-free answer on intercom allows you to answer an intercom call without having to pick up the handset
Separate Red and Green LEDs
The use of red and green on separate LEDs allows you to easily distinguish the status of lines on your telephone
Desktop or Wall-mount
The Partner 34D is designed to easily wall mountable with no extra hardware needed
Backward Compatibility
The Partner 34D is compatible with all previous releases of Partner ACS