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Partner ACS R7 Control Unit

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Partner ACS R7 Control Unit 700316474

User Features
Partner has an array of built-in features that businesses use: hold, forward, transfer, call, park/pickup, bridging, screening, camp on, auto dial etc.
Caller name and number displays are standard
Conference up to 5 parties
Dual Purpose Station Ports
Easily plug in tip/ring devices (phones, fax machines, answering machines, modems or Partner telephones
Remote Call Forwarding
Calls that come into the Partner System can be forwarded to external numbers
T1 Support
Partner supports fractional T1, up to 16 ciruits. Running phone lines over T1 digital lines is more cost effective than individual lines
Partner ACS is tried and proven solution, relied on by more small businesses than any other solution in its class
Growth and Investent Protection
Partner ACS has a modular design and simple upgrades via PCMCIA cards. Stations, lines and capabilities can be added "as needed".Partner telephones can be used on the Merlin Magix Integrated System
PC Adminsistration and Diagnostic
Optional PC administration with Windows-based PC Software
Backup and Restore
System-wide Backup and Restore functionality, via standard PCMCIA card, without the need for an additional PC.
Partner ACS is the truly best value for your money for the robust package it delivers