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Avaya D100 SIP DECT Base Station

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  • The D100 Base Station is connected to the IP network and powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and provides connection with up to 8 D160 Handsets.
  • Up to 8 D160 handsets can register to each base station.
  • Up to 5 D100 Repeaters can be added to increase the range with each D100 base station.
  • The radio coverage for the D100 base station is 100-350 ft. indoor and 700 ft. in open field.
  • Compatibility: IP Office R8.1 Feature Pack 1 (8.1.63 or higher), Customers without PoE switch can purchase PoE injectors such as the Avaya SPPOE-1A (optional), to power the D100 base station.

1 Year Warranty

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