Minuteman ETR1500 Entrust 1500VA/900W

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Minuteman ETR1500 Entrust 1500VA/900W MM-ETR1500

  • Minuteman Entrust line-interactive uninterruptible power supply
  • 1500VA/900W
  • Provides users all the features, usually aVAilable in higher priced UPS products, to protect your VAluable equipment: voltage regulation, spike and surge protection and battery backup
  • Use: whenever cost is a critical factor, for short runtime battery backup requirements, carry-over to generator support, small footprint requirements
  • Applications: small capacity equipment loads, desktop/laptop workstations, small key systems, VoIP handsets, small security/CCTV installations, low-power network devices
  • Each unit has four outlets that provide battery support along with spike and surge protection
  • 4 Additional spike and surge-protected outlets for accessory devices that don't require battery support
  • 2 Outlets that are specifically spaced to support transformer block items
  • Small, uniquely designed footprint of the Entrust UPS is ideal for placement on, or under, a desk
  • Can also be installed vertically on a wall or on a shelf in a rack or cabinet installation
  • USB communications: HID compliant USB communications that is automatically recognized by all Windows software versions, no special drivers are required
  • Buck/Boost voltage regulation offers a more stable AC source during surge and sag events without constant use of internal batteries
  • Slim-line profile provides users with the ability to install the Entrust Series in a VArietyof environments
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Sentry Plus software: auto-shutdown and monitoring software is included with every unit, no special downloads or coupons are required
  • Larger load capacities: Minuteman has increased the capacities of the models in the Entrust line, allowing the units to support larger power requirements
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Come with all the award-winning service and support capabilities offered by Para Systems, Inc. including a three-year warranty,
  • (two-years on the battery), and a $75,000 Platinum Protection Plan
  • Data protection: single line input/output RJ-45
  • Re-settable circuit breaker and electronically limited
  • DC start capability (60Hz)
  • 10 Amp input capacity

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