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Viking Electronics Digital Voice Announcer

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Viking Electronics Digital Voice Announcer VK-DVA-1003B

  • Viking 3port digital voice announcer
  • Increases call handling capacity by answering on demand or during the first ring and automatically adjusting the announce cycle to the message length
  • 1 minute record time per channel
  • Record and review locally or remotely or download prerecorded announcements from a tape player
  • Selectable ring delay
  • CPC signal and disconnect detection
  • Callers may be transferred after the announcement
  • Messages stored in non-volatile memory (no batteries required)
  • Recording volume LED indicator for consistently high-quality recordings
  • Recognizes handshake signals from virtually any PABX, Centrex, or CO line
  • Programmable to repeat announcement
  • One year factory warranty
  • ACD/UCD announcements
  • Intercept announcement
  • Announce-only applications: school closings, ski resorts, night answer, wake up calls
  • Replace existing tape and drum recorders
  • Any application where information must be repeated continuously and may require frequent updating

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