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Bogen SPT30A 30 Watt Horn Loudspeaker

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Bogen SPT30A 30 Watt Horn Loudspeaker BG-SPT30A

  • Bogen reentrant type loudspeaker.
  • 30 Watt.
  • Compact, high intelligibility.
  • Designed for one-way or two-way sound and communication systems.
  • Sturdy, weatherproof, all-metal construction is ideal for indoor and outdoor use in industrial plants, warehouses, schools, construction sites, transportation terminals, and recreational areas.
  • Screw terminals make installation fast and easy.
  • Built-in, variable impedance selector switch for matching the speaker power requirements to a 25V or 70V constant-voltage line.
  • Engineered to simplify installation (with a uniquely designed all-purpose mounting bracket) and field maintenance (with a self-aligning, field-replaceable diaphragm).
  • Speaker and mounting bracket are handsomely finished in textured mocha enamel.
  • Beam clamp is also available (optional, BC1).
  • High intelligibility and efficiency, ideal for both one-way and talkback applications.
  • Weatherproof, all-metal construction.
  • 30 Watts, 25/70 volt or 8-ohm operation.
  • Rotary tap impedance selector.
  • BGSPT30A.

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