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ITW Linx CAT5-235 Towermax Cat 5e Module

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ITW Linx multiline ML25 - Category 5E building entrance surge protector

- Primary/isolated loop (UL497/UL497B) critical for ensuring safety and performance of protection devices
- 100% Solid-state protection provides the fastest response to transient voltages (1-5 nanoseconds) by quickly diverting damaging surges to ground
- Single pair protection - protect only the lines requiring protection
- 25-pair protection that fits the footprint of a 66 block. Also snap-fits to standard 89D brackets
- Streamlined installation- punchdown the OSP cable on the left side in the integral 110 connectors/ Grounding hardware (included) clips on to the cable sheath. Punchdown the UTP cable on the right side into the integral 110 connections.
- Individual protector cards offer system scalability and serviceability
- Uses less wall space than most 5 pin block systems
- Manufacturer's lifetime product warranty


Brand ITW Linx
Condition New
Warranty Lifetime Product Warranty and $50,000 Connected Equipment Coverage

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