Accessories - EnGenius Durafon

With a range of 3000 acres in open spaces like farms and ranches, 250,000 square feet in warehouses and 12 floors in office buildings, the EnGenius cordless is the North American long range champ.

Not only are they long, but The Durafon 4X and 1X are built with durability in mind. The ruggedized housing, shock resistant antenna and double-locked battery means long term use and reliability. So shelve your existing cordless and go the with the Champ!

Authorized EnGenius Dealer

Due to our status as an EnGenius Authorized Reseller we are unable to show you pricing on our site. As an Authorized Reseller we can offer you warranty and support options that unauthorized sources can not supply. Get More Info or call 800-339-4588 for pricing.