ITW Linx MCO4X4-60 Towermax CO/4x4

ITW Linx MCO4X4-60 Towermax CO/4x4


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Part # ITW-MCO4X4-60
Brand ITW Linx
Condition New
Warranty Lifetime plus $50,000 connected equipment

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  • Towermax CO/4x4
  • Towermax CO/4x4 for up to 4 COlines, RJ-11/45. Protects four CO lines. Features8 RJ-11/45 jacks through 4 ports (4 lines, 4 equipment - pins 4,5 each port). Use with Towermax KSUbase unit. Includes four RJ-11 7-foot phone cords. Clamping level 240 volts.
  • Lifetime product warranty with up to $50,000 connected equipment warranty