Fluke Networks TS30 Butt Set, Angled Bed of Nails - 30800-009

Fluke Networks TS30 Butt Set, Angled Bed of Nails - 30800-009


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Part # HC-30800-009
Brand Fluke Networks
Condition New
Warranty 18 month

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  • Harris TS30 Test Set
  • Safety clip on to monitor and troubleshoot phone lines
  • DataSafe
  • High-Impedance Monitoring - Clip onto a line in monitor mode without disrupting data traffic
  • Improved Case Design - High-impact plastic case with ergonomicnon-slip grip.
  • 18 month warranty
  • Polarityindication: to identify polarity of the line
  • Over current protection: extra protection for the test set when working with unknown line conditions
  • Audible ringer: ring indication for call backs
  • Tone and Pulse operation
  • For use with computerized voice response systems
  • Polarity indication in Talk mode
  • Speech signal levels compensated for loop length
  • Last number redial
  • Mute switch
  • Hearing Aid compatible receiver
  • Replaceable heavy-duty braided line cord
  • Replaceable locking spring-loaded belt clip
  • RainSafe - Provides reliable operation under extreme weather conditions
  • DropSafe - Passed 20ft droptest onto concrete for durability in rugged conditions