Due to our status as an EnGenius Authorized Reseller we are unable to show you pricing on our site as dictated by the manufacturer. Being an EnGenius Authorized Reseller means we can offer you warranty and support options that unauthorized sources can not supply.

Buyer Beware

If you find online resellers offering EnGenius products and they are displaying prices, you can almost guarantee they are an unauthorized source. Here's the bottom line, EnGenius products purchased from unauthorized resellers do not carry a factory-backed warranty and any service from EnGenius will require a minimum $199 service fee per unit, plus repair costs. Ouch! I don't think anyone will want to swallow that bitter pill.

Do yourself a favor

So, do yourself a favor and buy your EnGenius products from an EnGenius Authorized Reseller. Call us at 1-800-397-5693 for our everday low pricing.