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Viking Electronics VK-SO-24A Observation Unit

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Viking Electronics VK-SO-24A Observation Unit VK-SO-24

  • Viking silent phone observation unit
  • Allows supervisors to silently monitor employee phones without disrupting the activity at their workstation
  • 24 station capacity can be expanded to 240 stations at any time
  • Compatible with analog PABX/KSU stations
  • Monitor stations from an unused phone system line input or to a dedicated single line phone
  • Add remote observing with a RAD-AMP Remote Access Device
  • Built-in talk assist (dial *)
  • Dial up code can be programmed to match the station number
  • Cassette recorder output and Touch Tone control
  • Automatic gain control equalizes in and outbound conversation levels
  • Configurable for digital phones (requires the SO-24 AK and an extra pair of wires to each phone handset)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • VKSO24A

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