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Bogen A8BLK NEAR A-Series Speaker – Black

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Bogen A8BLK NEAR A-Series Speaker - Black

  • Indoor and outdoor all-weather speaker with a fully-sealed cabinet.
  • Available versions: 8-ohm and 70V.
  • Available colors: black, green, and white.
  • Metal-alloy MDT? mid/bass speaker cone delivers natural sound with ultra-low distortion.
  • Extremely stable, long-lasting MDT cone structure.
  • High efficiency and power handling for optimum performance.
  • Dual-layer voice coil with separate inner and outer windings for high output with ultra-low distortion.
  • Patented MLS? fluid voice coil suspension replaces distortion-causing mechanical spider.
  • Compound rubber surrounds resist UV rays and salt spray.
  • Gold-plated, rust-proof connectors.
  • High-density, injection-molded cabinet resists chipping and scratching.
  • Low-resonance cabinet structure.
  • Easy-to-grasp multi-faced mounting brackets with 180° swivel.
  • Easy to grip, oversized mounting knobs.
  • Brackets mount with knobs attached for easier and safer installation in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Corrosion-resistant driver frames & mounting hardware.
  • Attractive styling with "Armadillo" ridges for stiffness.
  • Coaxial (A2 models) or 2-way speaker systems (A6 & A8 models)

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