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Plantronics M22 Amp For H-Series Headsets

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Plantronics M22 Amp For H-Series Headsets PL-M22

  • Plantronics Vista M22 universal modular adapter
  • Replacement for the PL-M12
  • Enhanced features over the M12
  • Modular jack plugs into the phone
  • For use with any Plantronic quick disconnect headset
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries (included) or AC adapter(not included)
  • Manual scroll volume control
  • Headset on/off switch (switches between headset and telephone handset)
  • Mute button
  • ClearLine Audio technology
  • Enhanced Features over M12
  • Wideband audio (totally compatible with existing systems and "wideband ready" to deliver superior audio on integrated wideband (VoIP) systems)
  • Protection from loud noises (delivers greater protection against sudden loud noises by quickly reducing them to comfortable levels)
  • Phone line noise reduction (filters incoming and outgoing phone line noises, such as high-frequency hissing, making conversations clear, less fatiguing, and more comfortable)
  • Call volume equalizer (equalizes the level of all calls to the same comfortable, user-preferred listening level)
  • Echo management (eliminates echo problems introduced by latency in IP networks; so even if your new IP phones do not require an Amp your conversations may still benefit from the use of one)
  • Black
  • PL-ADAPTER (PL-26503-01): AC adapter
  • PL-40696-01: amplifier security device (attaches amplifier to desk)
  • PL-26609-02: slide switch door and battery door
  • PL-40974-01: amplifier to telephone coil cable
  • PL-40715-01: custom cradle mate
  • PL-26716-01: amplifier to QD coil cable
  • PL-17521-01: velcro attachment kit

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